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Income Tax Planning and Representation


Rebecca Trevino & Associates has the in-depth knowledge, experience, and resources to limit your tax exposure and ensure compliance with state and local tax codes in all 50 states.

We prepare or review income and franchise tax returns, including state tax adjustments, credits, and apportionment factor work papers for separate, consolidated, and unitary filings.

Tax Planning
We research and plan significant transactions and related multi-state ramifications. For example, acquisitions, structuring (e.g., separate, combined, and unitary filing), use of credits, and apportionment factor impacts, including preparing memorandum of findings and recommendations of state tax consequences.

Audit Representation
We perform pre-audit review of returns under audit and advise you on issues that may increase your tax liability. Our audit representation services include:

  • Meeting with taxing authorities and answering information requests
  • Resolving specific issues prior to the final tax notice
  • Reviewing the final tax bill and advising on a possible appeal

Nexus Studies and Voluntary Disclosure Agreements
If your company is expanding across state lines, you may face income tax “nexus issues” (i.e., you may have established a sufficient in-state presence to require you to register and file a tax return in that state).

We conduct nexus studies to determine your filing responsibilities, if any. Studies include implementation recommendations and quantifying potential tax liability. If necessary, we can prepare voluntary disclosure agreements (VDA) on your behalf to help minimize penalties. We may also be able to help you identify and claim refunds in states where the “sales throwback” has been reduced.

Advance Rulings and Opinions
State and local tax laws are often unclear, and in some cases you may want to know with certainty that your tax treatment for either an isolated transaction or going forward transaction complies with the law. We can help you request letter rulings and opinions so you will know in advance how your filing position will be treated.

Please contact us for more information on income tax planning and representation services.


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